Netherlands Investing in Strong Economic Ties with Brazil

the shipping port of rotterdamRecently, Infrastructure and the Environment Minister Schultz van Haegen of The Netherlands, was on a mission to Brazil to increase ties; in shipping port development, transport and logistics, intelligent transport systems, ship building and supply.

The Netherlands is the largest investor in Brazil after the United States. Moreover, as an export partner for Brazil we occupy fourth place,” said the Minister; while in São Paulo at the 2012 Intermodal South America Trade Fair.

Rotterdam is the major shipping port for Brazilian products, destined for the European marketplace. This offers enormous investment opportunities, for Dutch investors and the business community. For example, there has been cooperation between the federal state Espirito Santo, TPK (Terminal Presidente Kennedy) and the Port of Rotterdam, for the development of a new shipping port; Porto Central.

The Minister went on to say, “We are joining forces with the business community to properly present the Netherlands and all its strengths. Continued investment in your relations ultimately bears fruit.”

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