Shipping Container Traffic Shows Economic Boom in Abu Dhabi

uae container portShipping container traffic in Mina Zayed, rose 47% in 2011. The number of containers that went through the Abu Dhabi Terminals (ADT), rose to 767,713 TEUs (twenty foot equivalent container units).

In five short years we have more than tripled container volumes, from 250,000 TEU in 2006 to more than 767,000 TEU last year. The growth so far has been impressive, but the most exciting years are still ahead of us and we are now working hard on preparations for the opening of the new container terminal at Khalifa Port,” – CEO of Abu Dhabi Terminals.

Economist believe that the rise in traffic figures at the Abu Dhabi Terminals, are an indication that Abu Dhabi’s economy is booming, and that imports of all kinds are rising; contributing to the steady growth of the region’s economy. Furthermore, the rise in export numbers reflects the domestic production increase, and perhaps more importantly, that there is consistant demand for UAE exports; both within the region and in international markets.

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